Jiehe (OEM) Astronomical Telescope F350 x 60

৳ 17,500.00 ৳ 17,000.00

Telescope Astronomical Telescope Jiehe F350 x 60
Multi-use, designed for stars and land/bird views.



Model: Jiehe F350 x 60 Silver
Accessories: 2 eyepieces, and 1 eyepiece extension as below:
L25mm, K9mm, 3 x Barlow;
5×20 finder scope
Adjustable table top camera tripod (33cm – 43cm high);
Carry punch.
Owner Manual

Magnification power: 14x ~ 262.5x,
Magnification power Details as the following
Eyepiece & Optical Magnification Power Chart:
Eyepiece | Magni. power | Power with 3x Barlow lens
K25mm | 14x | 42x;
K9mm | 40 x | 120x;

Focal length: 350mm
Objective diameter (aperture): 60mm;
Coated lens.
Main telescope body length: 400mm
Weight: 1.58kg (including carry bag)


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